Soap Making Machines is a well-established and leading manufacturer of soap machines catering to indigenous and export markets as well with twenty years of perfect track record. We are sister concern company of Sakun Engineers, well known soap making machine manufacturers of Gujarat. Our company produces robustly built soap making equipment using high quality raw material to deliver unmatched, reliable, trouble-free performance over extended periods of time. Quality has never been compromised during the entire history of the organisation. Quality Control has been its paramount concern; the soap machines manufactured by the company are inspected thoroughly and put through stringent quality control tests to ensure that its customers receive the best soap making equipment.

Improvement and innovation are some of the key strengths of the Soap Making Machines Company, a well-established manufacturer of soap making machines. The company produces state-of-the-art soap making machines and soap making equipment of various sorts.

Brief History

The factory was established in 1992 by Sri Mr. Hiten Bhavsar who has 20 years of valuable experience in the manufacture of soap making machines. The company employs around 25 key personnel of vital experience in the manufacturing activity.

Product Portfolio

The Company produces an astonishingly wide range of soap making machines capable of producing detergent cakes, detergent powder, toilet soaps, liquid soaps, shampoos etc.

The product portfolio includes Detergent Mixer Machine, Detergent Powder Screening Machine, Detergent Cake Mixer Machine, Detergent Cake Plodder Machine, Detergent Cake Cutting & Stamping Machine, Duplex Plodder Vacuum Machine, Sigma Mixer Machine, Simplex Plodder Machine, Triple Roller Machine and Soap Bar Cutting Machine, Foot-operated Stamping machine, Rotary Sealing Machine, and Liquid Detergent/Liquid Soap/Shampoo Machine.

All the machines use first class raw material and state-of-the-art manufacturing technology. The design specifications, process control and quality management are stringent to ensure that the machines are dependable, rugged, and durable. They are designed to perform successfully even under extremely harsh operating conditions.


The Company has permanent building infrastructure and is blessed with adequate power. There are no labour unions and the Company has an excellent track record of cordial relations with its committed labour force. The Company has never experienced lost work days because of labour unrest.

The Company has excellent, state-of-the-art infrastructural facilities. Its factory deploys cutting-edge technology to produce flawless soap making machinery. The process technology is constantly reviewed and upgraded whenever there is a scope for significant improvement. As a result the Company always delivers soap making machinery of the highest order manufactured to exacting standards and stringent specifications.


Given the nature of the materials used in soap making, the Company uses raw material of exemplary quality so that the soap making equipment manufactured by it deliver commendable, absolutely reliable performance year after year.

The technology used is also geared to delivery high-quality soap making machines. Stringent post-production quality checks ensure that only the best products are delivered to its customers.

The Company’s concern for quality reflects even in its packing of the finished machinery. the polythene wrapping and wooden crates used to pack the machines under the supervision of specialists in packing ensure that the machines reach he destination without any damage in transit. The packing is so perfect that the machines do not suffer even a single dent in transit.


The Company’s operations are carried out by a band of dedicated, experienced professionals with commendable qualifications and expertise who successfully manage to deliver excellent quality at economical prices by using excellent raw material, by eliminating wastage and by streamlining production practices.

We have a clear policy of upgrading the skills of our existing staff so that their skills remain abreast of technological changes in the field. Further, we train our new recruits rigorously so that they not merely upgrade their academic learning to meet the current technological practices but also imbibe the organisational ethos of unfailing quality.

Our highly qualified and dedicated squad of technocrats, professionals and quality conscious management professionals constantly strive to increase the output, minimise wastage and cut down production/operational costs.


We Export Soap Machines to the Indian sub-continent, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Caribbeans, Africa, East and South-East Asia and the Middle East.


Hipolin Limited, Ahmedabad, Ghari Detergent Group, Kanpur, and Jyothy Laboratories Limited, Salem, are among the principal Indian customers of the Company. The Company has a long list of highly satisfied customers from Maharashtra, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Haryana, Punjab, Orissa, Bihar, West Bengal, Himachal Pradesh and other places spread across India.

For further details about our products, Please contact us at:

Mr. Hiten Bhavsar / Mr. Bharat Bhavsar
33/a New Arbuda Estate, Near G.s.t Crossing Road Ranip
Ahmedabad, Gujarat – 382 470, India.
Telephone: +(91)-(79)-27523886